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OCR Processing Overview

Having digital images of your documents is good but being able to search them is even better. That's where OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing comes in; it will identify all machine-printed text and convert your documents into Searchable PDF files. Not only that but our OCR technology can also be used to convert your scanned images into editable documents that contain not only the text and graphics but also the formatting of the originals.

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Document Preparation & Batching

Document preparation is the task of removing paper clips and staples, inserting customized separators (blank sheets, barcodes, etc.) and organizing documents into sequentially numbered and logged batches. This ensures all images have been captured and facilitates document tracking throughout the entire production process.

  • Document Batching & Logging
  • Remove Bindings
  • Remove Staples & Paperclips
  • Flatten Pages
Image Cleanup for Accurate OCR

State-of-the-art high speed production scanners ensure fast turnaround and the very best image quality. Deskewing, despeckling and other image enhancement tools are employed to clean up images allowing the most accurate text recognition possible.

  • Black & White, Grayscale or Color
  • 3" x 5" to 11" x 17" Sizes
  • Deskew
  • Border Removal
  • Single and/or Double Sided
  • Automatic and/or Manual Feed
  • Despeckle
  • Image Rotation
Proofing and Editing

Little or no editing is needed for clearly printed documents as accuracy often exceeds 99%. Running a spell-checker will find most OCR errors automatically. Proofing and editing may be required for degraded documents or texts that have tight kerning, stray annotation marks on the paper, or very unusual fonts.

  • Popup Proof and Verify
  • Spell Check
File Indexing & Searchable Documents

We won't just provide you a set of Searchable PDF Files, we will also create a searchable index of all the documents that will make finding the information you need faster and more efficient than the searchable files alone. This index is provided with the documents and is fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader's Search facility.

  • Searchable Digital Archive
  • Pre-Generate Adobe Acrobat Index
  • Additional Search Program Support
Internet or Electronic Media Delivery

Scanned and processed documents can be delivered via our secure FTP server, encrypted email attachment, or on electronic media.

  • CD/DVD Authoring & Labeling
  • Digital Delivery via FTP
  • External Hard Drive (USB 2.0/Firewire)
  • Database Conversion