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Improve the feel of your address labels by making them less computerized and more personal. We offer a range of services then will add that personal touch to your mail piece which include:


Custom Salutations

Personal appeals are much more likely to be read. Increase response by adding formal or informal personalized salutations to your mailing list.


Field Parsing

Anyone who works with mailing lists soon learns that they come in many different format variations. Some have full names in a single field while others have separate fields for each name component. Some have city, state and zip on one line and others break them apart. Before these lists can be productively utilized these variations must be standardized. 



Discover the gender makeup of your list. Add a prefix and gender code that indicates if the first name is male, female, or neutral to make personal letters or determine the sex of people who respond to an offer.


Upper & Lower Casing

Clean up customer and prospect files or mailing lists. Labels, envelopes, letters, anything that you address, will be more personal, more readable and much more likely to be opened.