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File Transfer

Welcome to our secure file upload area. To send us a file you need only to fill out this short form, click the "Browse" button to select the file on your local machine, then click "Upload". The upload may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your file and will be automatically encrypted during transmission.





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Maximum Upload Size

Our website can support file uploads up to 50MB. If you need to upload file(s) that are larger than this, please contact us and we will setup an area on our FTP site for you.

Supported File Types

We accept most database export data formats including; Delimited ASCII, Fixed-Width ASCII, XML, dBase, Excel, Access and Visual FoxPro.

Don't worry if your file type isn't listed above as we can import your data from just about any file format. Just include a note in the job description field above indicating the file format and we will call and discuss options with you.

Note: We recommend that you Zip your files before transmission not only because Zip files offer compression, which will decrease transmission time, but also because Zip files contain a built-in data integrity check which will guarantee any transmission errors will be detected.

Approximate Transmission Time

1 Megabyte


15-20 Seconds

1 Megabyte


10-15 Seconds

1 Megabyte

FIOS (10Mb)

1-2 Seconds