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Did you know that more than 40 million Change of Address (COA) cards are filed every year? It's a never-ending cycle: according to USPS estimates, 17 percent of American people and businesses move every year.

The fact is, your address lists, when left alone, will generate increasingly ineffective mailings and disappointing response rates. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: let us enhance your list and help keep you up to date.



Now the leading Move Update service, NCOALink provides wide access to the Postal Service™ Change of Address database. In only a few years, NCOALink has become the preferred resource among mailers looking to satisfy USPS® Move Update requirements in order to receive discounts on First-Class® Mail jobs. And it can reduce costs and increase delivery efficiency for Standard Mail® and Periodicals, as well.

We offer two varieties of NCOALink, each offering different levels of COA database depth:


NCOALink™ FSP - 48 Month

The most comprehensive level, NCOALink Full Service Provider (FSP), compares your lists to data from more than 160 million permanent COA cards filed by individuals, families and businesses in the last 48 months. (The USPS updates this data on a weekly basis.)

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NCOALink™ LSP - 18 Month

NCOALink Limited Service Provider (LSP) satisfies USPS First-Class Mail Move Update requirements by comparing lists against the last 18 months of the USPS COA database.

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